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                                                                        We offer

                                                          Regular Cannabis seeds,

                                                   AutoFlowering Cannabis seeds,

                                                        Feminized Cannabis seeds,


                                           Genetically Tailored Medical Cannabis seeds.


                                         We also offer Exotic Fruits, Veggis & decretive Plants

                                         Only quality seeds are selected for merchandizing.


everyday Cannabis seeds that aren't guaranteed to be 100% female plants.


Cannabis that automatically flowers, Instead of need a change in light cycles to start flowering. 


Cannabis tailored towards medical needs more so then getting high, the high is side effect to this cannabis yet still enjoyable.


Cannabis seeds that are guaranteed to be female, these seeds still run the risk of going hermaphrodite due to poor growing conditions.

Exotic Fruits 

Rare Exotic Fruits, Veggies & Plants for expert Grows to enjoy.   
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